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2008, Movie, PG-13, 109 mins


Game of Thrones Casts Styr, the Magnar of Thenn

Yuri Kolokolnikov

Yuri Kolokolnikov has joined the cast of Game of Thrones for its upcoming fourth season, Entertainment Weekly reports.

The Russian actor, a newcomer in the States, will play... read more

Game of Thrones Casts Daenerys' New Frenemy

Joel Fry

Game of Thrones has cast Joel Fry in the key role of Hizdahr zo Loraq, Entertainment Weekly reports.

Hizdahr is the "young scion of an ancient Meereenese family who crosses paths with Daenerys Targaryen," and will hold huge sway over ... read more

DVD Tuesday: Monsters and Hotties in Animal Skins!

DVD Tuesday Monsters and hotties in animal skins thank you 10000 BC for the cheesy but cherished memoriesArchaeologists are scoffing at 10000 BC and I hope no one takes it for a historically accurate picture of Ice Age life But it did a great first weekend because lets face it Many of us have a place in our hearts for ridiculous epics about good-looking people in skimpy animal-skin outfits and monsters dragons saber-tooth tigers more correctly called smilodons as though anyones going to switch to a dorky name like that whats the diff Call me old-fashioned but I prefer my ridiculous pseudo-history made in the years BC before CGI Give me a stop-motion dinosaur or even an iguana in dinosaur drag over a weightless computer rendering Since I dont have to tell anyone that One Million Years BC 1966 starring Raquel Welch is the gold standard for this kind of nonsense Im going to suggest taking a look at When Dinosaurs Ruled the Ea read more

10,000 B.C. Delivers "Mammoth" Box Office

10,000 B.C. courtesy Warner Bros.

Despite so-so reviews from critics and loud guffaws from historians, 10,000 B.C. has no bone to pick with its opening weekend haul of $35.7 million. Placing second behind the prehistoric lark was Martin Lawrence's College Road Trip, which opened with $14 mil.Rounding out the top five were Vantage Point ($7.5 mil), last week's champ, Semi-Pro ($5.8 mil) and The Bank Job (debuting with $5.7 mil).Props to the New York Daily News for the above headline, by the way. read more

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